The only Scar we don`t want to miss - The belly button

Did you know?

In the course of life, an average of 30 scars develop in humans. Already at birth, we get our first scar, the belly button (navel, umbilicus). This scar is probably the only scar that we don’t want to miss. 

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What does the perfect belly button look like?

The navel is the center of the body. The ideal belly button: 

– lies midway between the xiphoid and the vulva/base of the pelvic region

– has a slight retraction

– a diameter of about 1.5 cm

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Belly Button correction – the new beauty trend?

Slim figure, full lips, long hair – and now also an ideal navel 

Fashion trends can also be responsible for the development of the new ideal of beauty. With the advent of crop tops, for example, the focus has shifted to the navel, and on Instagram and other social platforms, it seems the most normal thing in the world to show off your body freely – but only in a flawless way.

The unusual cosmetic surgery was mainly noticed by its prominent supporters. Many film stars and models have gone under the knife to get picture-perfect belly buttons.

How can Belly Button correction be done?

In order to realize this wish, plastic surgeon use various methods. With umbilicoplasty, the navel is shaped exactly as the patient imagines. For example, ‘too large’ navels can be made narrower by removing excess skin or, conversely, ‘too narrow’ navels can be enlarged with the surrounding skin.