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Why do scars appear?

The scar is the end point of each and every wound healing. Wound healing is scar healing (cicatrisation) or defect healing, not tissue regeneration. 

Prof Dr. Robert Hierner  provides revolutionary approach to scar treatment Dubai. He treats scars of different levels or shapes. 

Wound healing takes place in 4 phases: Bleeding/Inflammation/Proliferation/Remodeling. From a clinical point of view, the 4 phases of wound healing are divided into 2 phases of scar formation:

  • Scar Genesis:  Bleeding/Inflammation/Proliferation
  • Scar Maturation: Remodeling
Scar Genesis and Maturation

What type of scars are there?

Scars can reach above the skin level (hypertrophic scars) or lies below the skin level (atrophic scars). Scars can have different shapes (linear of flat) and colors compared to the surroundings, i.e. they can be darker or lighter.

scar above skin level

Scars above skin level

scar below skin level

Scars below skin level

scar at skin level

Scars at skin level

Treatment of Specific Scar Types


keloid scar

Acne scar

acne scar

Stretch marks

stretch marks scar

Hypertrophic scar

hypertrophic scar

Colour disorders

color disorders scar

Shape disorders

shape disorders scar

What are the consequences of Scars?

Tissue damage not only leads to an externally more or less visible scar (Body Scar) with functional, medical and aesthetic impairments but often also to an internal psychological trauma (Soul Scar).


(Physical Impairment)


(mental Impairment)

Functional ImpairmentMedical ImpairmentAesthetic ImpairmentPsychological Impairment
functional impairement due to scarMedical impairment scaraesthetic impairement due to scarPsychological impairement due to scar

Scars and Society:

In today’s society, scars are seen rather negatively. They often represent a mark of an operation or injury – that is, an impairment of the body image.

scars and society

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