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A keloid scar is a thick (hypertrophic) scar above skin level that grows beyond the initial wound area. It frequently occurs on earlobes. Keloid treatment in Dubai by our expert Prof Dr. Robert Hierner has a high recurrence rate.

Based on many years of research and clinical experience in the field of keloid treatment, I have developed a keloid treatment protocol and successfully implemented it in our daily practice. 

Goals of treatment

Stop/Reduction of itching

Stop scar growth

Improvement of scar shape and colour (optional)

Keloid Treatment steps

Regardless of the method chosen, there are always 4 steps I follow for keloid treatment in Dubai:

Every treatment starts with the elimination of the triggering cause. (e.g. earrings, piercing, …)

Depending on the size of the keloid, there are different treatment option:

  1. Intralesional scar injection (Cortisone, 5 Fluoracil, Botulinum Toxin)
  2. Cryotherapy
  3. Scar resection and postoperative radiotherapy < 6 – 24 h

Adequate postoperative scar management is crucial and comprises scar compression treatment in combination with silicon sheet application until the redness of the scar subsides (6 – 12 months).

Note: There is a unique possibility at the earlobe to combine medical treatment and beauty. Scar suppression treatment can be done using clip-on earrings with silicone inlay.

To prevent a recurrence, it is strongly advised not to have your ears pierced in the former keloid area.

keloid treatment

Keloid Resection and postoperative Low-Dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) < 6 – 24 h

If keloid scar removal surgery is necessary, it should always be combined with postoperative Low-Dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) within the first 6 to 24 hrs after surgery in order to reduce early wound healing cascades.

All patients, who suffer severe keloid at the earlobe, or recurrence after minimal-invasive keloid treatment (cortisone injection, cryotherapy) can be treated with low-dose radiotherapy (LDRT) as an essential part of multimodal treatments.

Prof Dr Robert Hierner, a renowned scar specialist in Dubai, will examine the keloid and its symptoms and suggest treatment. 

Low-Dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) is one of the pillars of therapy in the multimodal treatment of keloids.

Low-dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) is a therapeutic tool for treating all proliferative diseases of soft tissues. Keloid is a hyperproliferating scar. Hence LDRT treatment can help in alleviating keloid symptoms.

Low-dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) for keloid treatment is carried out at the Department of Radiotherapy (Head: Dr Osama Aldabass) of the Saudi German Hospital, Dubai – Scar Removal in Dubai.


Dr Osama Aldabass, a renowned radiotherapy doctor trained in Germany, will answer all your questions concerning Low-dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) for Keloid treatment in Dubai.


There are no specific preparations before the low-dose radiotherapy. The low-dose radiotherapy can be scheduled shortly after signing the consent form.


The low-dose radiation therapy (LDRT) is carried out at the Department of Radiotherapy (Head: Dr Osama Aldabass) of the Saudi German Hospital, Dubai.

Benefits Of Low-Dose Radiotherapy

This treatment has been used for decades with excellent success rates. LDRT treatment is highly beneficial in treating Keloid.


Since the treatment is done via low-dose radiotherapy, no serious side effects or long-term local damages are expected.


There is no specific aftercare other than normal wound care and postoperative scar suppression treatment.


A positive response (reduced itching, reduced scarring) can be achieved in 80-90% of patients.

Remember :

This patient information only gives a general introduction for a better understanding of aesthetic and medical surgeries. It cannot replace the personal and detailed doctor-patient discussion. To answer your questions about your personal, individual situation, arrange your non-binding personal consultation appointment with Prof Dr Robert.

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